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•  Directors Guild of Canada (DGC)
•  Guild of Canadian Film Composers (GCFC)
•  International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
•  Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
•  Writers Guild of America (WGA)
•  Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)


   2001-2005 Contract Summary Theatrical Motion Pictures & TV (SAG)
   2002-2005 Codified Industrial & Educational Contract (SAG)
   2002-2005 Codified Industrial & Educational Contract Digest (SAG)
   2003 DGC Collective Agreement (DGC British Columbia)
   2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Atlantic)
   2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Manitoba)
   2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Ontario)
   2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Saskatchewan)
   2003 Standard Agreement (DGC Alberta)
   2003 Standard Agreement (DGC)
   2003 Standard Agreement - Directors (DGC)
   2003 Standard Agreement Core Schedules (DGC)
   2003-2006 Commercials Audition Overtime Rate (SAG)
   2003-2006 Commercials Contract (SAG)
   2003-2006 Commercials Contract Cable Weights (SAG)
   2003-2006 Commercials Contract Digest (SAG)
   2004-2005 Basic Agreement Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 Commercial Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 FLTTA Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 Interim Settlement Agreement Rate Card (DGA)
   2005 Agreement: Independent Motion Picture, TV Producers & SAG
   AFTRA Agency Information (Update Form)
   AFTRA Late Waiver Form
   Animation Notice of Intended Writing Credits (SAG)
   Basic Agreement of 2002 (DGA)
   Composer (as Contractor) / Producer Model Agreement (GCFC)
   DGA Industrial Supplement to the National Commercial Agreement of 2005 (DGA)
   Documentary Provisions (DGA)
   Employment Data Report (DGA/DGC)
   Employment Data Report (DGA/DGC)
   Exclusive Agency Contract "Exhibit C"
   Exclusive Agency Contract "Exhibit C-1" (Commercials Only)
   Experimental Films Signatory Forms Package (DGA)
   Freelance Live And Tape Television Agreement of 2002 (DGA)
   IATSE Local 891 Master Agreement
   Independent Production Agreement (SAG)
   Interactive Program Contract 2004 (SAG)
   Internet Pictures Sideletter (DGA)
   Live & Tape Television Signatory Forms Package (DGA)
   Low Budget Agreement (SAG)
   Low Budget Agreement Fact Sheet (SAG)
   Low Budget Sideletter (DGA)
   Low Budget Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA)
   Made-for Internet Contract 2004 (SAG)
   Multi-Camera Prime-Time Dramatic Television Forms Package (DGA)
   National Commercial Agreement of 2001 (DGA)
   Notice of Engagement (SAG)
   Notice of Intended Writing Credits (SAG)
   Option Agreement (SAG)
   Reality Agreement Key Points (DGA)
   Single-Camera Television Forms Package (DGA)
   Standard Story Editor's Agreement (SAG)
   Standard Writer's Agreement (SAG)
   Television Movie or Mini-Series Forms Package (DGA)
   Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA)
   TV Short-Form Writers Lending Agreement - MOW & Mini-Series (SAG)
   Writers Television Short-Form Contract - MOW & Mini-Series (SAG)
   Writers Theatrical Short-Form Contract - For Employees (SAG)
   Writers Theatrical Short-Form Contract - For Loan-Outs (SAG)