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   2004-2005 Basic Agreement Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 Commercial Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 FLTTA Rate Card (DGA)
   2004-2005 Interim Settlement Agreement Rate Card (DGA)
   Basic Agreement of 2002 (DGA)
   DGA Industrial Supplement to the National Commercial Agreement of 2005 (DGA)
   Documentary Provisions (DGA)
   Employment Data Report (DGA/DGC)
   Experimental Films Signatory Forms Package (DGA)
   Freelance Live And Tape Television Agreement of 2002 (DGA)
   Internet Pictures Sideletter (DGA)
   Live & Tape Television Signatory Forms Package (DGA)
   Low Budget Sideletter (DGA)
   Low Budget Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA)
   Multi-Camera Prime-Time Dramatic Television Forms Package (DGA)
   National Commercial Agreement of 2001 (DGA)
   Reality Agreement Key Points (DGA)
   Single-Camera Television Forms Package (DGA)
   Television Movie or Mini-Series Forms Package (DGA)
   Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA)